When is the Best Time to Buy Lavender for Your Wedding?

We get a lot of customers asking this same question: When is the best time to buy lavender for my wedding?  We are here to answer that very question.

Lavender Field

We harvest our lavender plants at their peak time, when their colors are bold, and right before they open.  We want to harvest before they open so their precious oils don't have a chance to evaporate out. This means our lavender will have a strong lavender scent for months after.

dried lavender

Next we hang the lavender in a temperature controlled room.  This allows them to slowly dry without losing their bright color or fragrance (and yes...someone is hiding in the drying room).  They will take about 2 weeks to fully dry.  This is my favorite room...though I don't get much work done in here, as it smells so relaxing.

Now, the question of when to buy the lavender is a simple one.  The only concern you will have will be if we run out of last years lavender before harvest time.  Last year, we provided our lavender products to over 150 lavender weddings and we still had lavender on hand.  Our supply is only limited by what we grow.  In 2017, we expanded our lavender fields adding over 1,500 more lavender plants. This, we are hoping, will ensure we won't run out before our next harvest.  With that in mind, order when you're ready. 

Our lavender keeps its color, both in the stems and the lavender buds for months, literally!

lavender bouquet

Here is a lavender bouquet made from our 8 month old lavender.  Its very colorful, full and smells great.

old lavender

This lavender is 4 years old and has been hanging on a wall under a skylight.  The stems are more brown and the purple color is a bit faded.  Still, it doesn't look too bad for a wall decoration.  Here they are side by side.


The next question we get is "If I order it early, how do I keep it fresh until the wedding?"  That's an easy one.

lavender box

Here is a picture taken from a recent customer of ours.  She ordered in February even though her wedding was in September.  She was so excited to get the bridesmaids bouquets and could smell the lavender through the box.  We always tell our customers to store the lavender in the box they are shipped in until the wedding.  Of course, check the lavender when it arrives, but the boxes will protect them from any sun damage, cats, pillow fights, etc.  They will keep for years.

Now you need to understand that we can only make these claims for OUR lavender.  Not many lavender farmers harvest at the perfect time, nor do they dry their lavender in temperature controlled rooms.  Some dry them in a drying barn, which does protect them from the sun and wind, but definitely not the dust and 'barn animals' (cats, mice, birds, etc).  We hope this information helps answer this very popular question.

For more questions about our lavender, lavender farm, lavender wedding supplies and more contact us here.



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  • Thank you for this informative article about lavender storage. It is great to realize that a lavender wedding can happen any time during the year because of your meticulous drying and preserving process. Your work is beautiful. I look forward to doing business with you in the near future.


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